James Calder

James Calder

Known to his friends and family as JC, James Calder attributes his success in business to his roots as a dairy farmer, where we worked alongside his father on the family farm near Kintore, Ontario (Canada).

As a young man, he sought the American dream. But to chase the American dream, he knew gaining a college degree was important. To pay for college, he signed up to sell books door-to-door through the Southwestern Advantage Company, based in Nashville, Tennessee. He quickly rose through the ranks as one of the most successful bookmen in the 176-year storied history of the company. After graduating from Houghton College, he served for 10 years as a Sales Manager for SW Advantage, where he recruited and trained thousands of young men and women in the art of selling books and operating a business. But to JC, he soon realized that the influence he was having on these young men and women was much more important than just selling books. It was through this vocation as a sales manager that JC realized his ability to help develop youth to the glory of Jesus Christ. To this day, 40+ years later, many of those men and women whom he influenced are still close friends and they attribute their walk in life and their walk with Christ due to their association and training with JC and his team.

Following his career with SW Advantage, JC owned and operated a printing franchise with a partner, which achieved a #2 ranking in the nation. In 1996, James Calder embarked on his third successful career as an LPL Financial Advisor, where he founded Calder & Colegrove Investment Group. During his financial planning career, JC was recognized for his outstanding accomplishments as a member of the prestigious Chairman’s Club—a recognition of the top 10% of the 16,000 advisors affiliated with LPL Financial, based on annual production in 2014. A recruiter at heart, JC had one more recruiting job to complete. His son-in-law, John Colegrove, was starting his music teaching career. Through many years of patience and with an eye for recognizing business talent, JC mentored and recruited John into the business in 2001 – setting in motion the beginning of a 15-year succession plan. That succession plan was realized in June of 2015, when John and JC completed the successful transition of Calder & Colegrove Investment group. Although blessed in business, JC acknowledges that his greatest accomplishments in life include the following—in this order:

  • A faithful follower of Christ since 1964
  • 50 years of marriage to Jeannie Calder
  • 4 beautiful and successful daughters
  • 6 grandchildren

Today, JC continues to lead an active life in semi-retirement. He enjoys taking grandchildren on historical, fun, and educational experience trips. He and Jeannie reside in Johns Creek.

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