Complimentary Discovery Meeting

If you are new referral to our practice, you’ll be pleased to learn that our initial meetings are always complimentary.  And if you prefer, our team will schedule an introductory telephone call first – before scheduling your complimentary meeting.  Your first meeting with us is a discovery appointment.  As you can probably attest, you may have quite a few “moving parts” as it pertains to your complete financial situation – including employment information, salary and withholdings, life insurance, retirement savings, and maybe even college planning and estate planning.  Most folks, when they first engage us, have 1 or 2 specific questions or objectives in mind.  But once we go through the entire discovery process, it’s quite common for more questions to be raised then were previously considered. The discovery process then, in summary, is both a data gathering meeting, which through that process, helps formulate the questions which are most important to your situation.

The Second Meeting

Depending on your unique needs, the second meeting may include the following items:

  • Net Worth Balance Sheet: We usually being a second meeting by reviewing your newly created net worth balance sheet.  The information for your balance sheet was gathered during the discovery meeting.  For many, the receipt and review of the net worth balance sheet represents the first time that all assets have been viewed in a single-page format. Most folks don’t know exactly what they are worth.  This document serves to answer that important question. Additionally, it gives us an opportunity to talk about your overall financial health.
  • Financial Facts Summary: We review the facts that we assembled in your discovery meeting, such as current income sources, projected retirement income sources (social security, pension, rental property, etc.), life insurance resources, and important goals such as proposed age of retirement and desired retirement income.
  • Retirement Income Projections – Stress Tested: Just about every client that visits with us wants to know if they are “on track” for retirement.  Given the amount of information that we assemble, we are able to respond to these requests.  But it isn’t enough to provide “averages” when it comes to the importance of projected retirement income.  We also recommend “stress-testing” your retirement income. That way, if another year 2008 type market hits in the year that you retire, you’ll know if you have a reasonable chance of maintaining your standard of living through retirement.

Investment Advice

We view investments as a tool to help address your most important goals.  By performing a thorough analysis of your financial condition through the discovery meeting, we seek to align your goals with appropriate investments to help you pursue the financial goals that are most important to you and your family.  As it pertains to your investments,  we are aligned with LPL Financial, the #1 Independent Broker Dealer in the Nation (Based on total revenue, as reported in Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996-2016).

Insurance Planning

We believe that planning for the catastrophic makes for wise planning. And therefore, we will challenge you to face the morbid scenarios of untimely death and disability.  We really get it that the topic of life insurance is akin to swallowing a bitter pill. But at the same time, taking care of your family, as I’m sure you would agree, is of the utmost importance.  In concert, we will help you pursue that goal.